Top 5 Benefits of Home Insurance

There is no denying of the fact that house insurance is a must, however, there are other benefits and riders to buying such a policy that will add convince you totally. Have a look below:

  • Get comprehensive coverage to both content and structure of your home.
  • Secure your assets from any mis-happening.
  • Buy home insurance policy at comparatively lower premium rates than other insurance policies.
  • Reduce stress and tension level for you’ll have a home insurance to fall back to, in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Timely insurance payouts allow families to go through rebuilding process quickly, helping them to move on and get back to their normal daily lives.

Handy Tips for Choosing a Home Insurance

There are various home insurance providers that offer different plans as per individual needs. To ease your selection, we have listed down important points which should be compared while choosing one home insurance company over other:

  • Check premium and coverage= First, evaluate risks which your home is facing or might face in a future. For example, if you live in a flood prone area then you should ensure that your home insurance policy is covering these risks also. Also, while checking coverage, it is prudent to check if the premium fits within your budget or not. You can solicit premium quotes of individual insurers or use comparison chart to compare premium quotes.
  • Check claim settlement ratio= A good company is judged by the turnaround time of settling claims. The very purpose of insurance will be defeated if you do not get a claim when it is required. So, it is worthwhile to check the claim settlement record of companies before zeroing in on one insurer.
  • Look at company’s reputation= The first and foremost characteristics of a good company is that it has customer friendly staff. Does your insurance company have competent customer service representatives who are capable enough to resolve your queries quickly? It is always important to choose a company who is well equipped to assist you at any point of time.

Coverage under Home Insurance

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • All Risk
  • Domestic Workers

  • It is necessary to compare the auto insurance policies as it can save a substantial amount of money and give you better coverage options. However, comparing the policies manually can be a daunting task. Kenbright makes it fairly easy for you. When you compare quotes here you can save upto 55% on auto insurance premiums along with getting add-ons and benefits on your plan. Make an informed purchase. Compare online and know your auto insurance plan properly before buying.
  • Shortlist the Requirement for Your Coverage: Before digging into comparing different auto insurance plans, ascertain the kind of coverage you need. A liability policy is inexpensive than the comprehensive auto insurance policy but only if you are ready to compromise on some benefits because the facilities offered by the later is the best undoubtedly.
  • Compared the coverage Option: The coverage offered in liability policy differs from the comprehensive policy. While liability plan only covers third party liability, the comprehensive one covers you for the damages to the vehicle and the owner which is called as Personal Accident Cover. The limit varies from plans to plan. Moreover, additional add-on benefits are also offered by some auto insurance plans. So, it is necessary to check and compare this trait to decide the personal accidental cover along with the additional coverage, if any under the same auto insurance plan.
  • Compare the Insured Declare Value: The varied rate of IDV's reflects different rates of premiums. Insured Declared Value, abbreviated as IDV, is the current value of the car after being adjusted for appropriate reduction. The rate of depreciation depends on the age of your car.The Older the car, higher would be the depreciation and lowered would be your IDV. And it affects the Sum Assured. Hence, compare the IDV quoted offered by different car insurance plans is a must.
  • Compare Insurer's Claim Settlement Practice: Claim settlement is the most crucial part of an insurance policy. Every buyer expects a hassle free claim process and easiness of any car insurance policy which he is planning to invest in. Each insurance company has its own procedure. Hereby, it is essential to compare the claim settlement process of each auto insurance plan which is in your preference list to find out which type of rules best suits you and would enable a faster claim settlement.

Coverage under Car Insurance

  • Motor Private
  • Motor Commercial
  • Motor Cycle

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Life Insurance plan is the safest and the most secure way to protect your family or depedants against financial contingencies that may arise post the unfortunate event of your untimely demise. Under a Life Insurance Contract, the insurer assures to pay a definite sum to the policyholder’s family on his demise during the policy term.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a policyholder, under which the insurer guarantees to pay an assured some of money to the nominated beneficiary in the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s demise during the term of the policy. In exchange, the policyholder agrees to pay a predefined sum of money in form of premiums either on a regular basis or as a lump sum. If included in the contract, some other contingencies, such as a critical illness or a terminal illness can also trigger the payment of benefit. If defined in the contract, some other things, such as funeral expenses might also be a part of the benefits.

Coverage under life Insurance

  • Education Plans
  • Investment Plans
  • Funeral Plans
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness
  • Long Term Care

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  • Education Plans
  • Funeral Plans
  • Return Ticket
  • Investment Plans

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Safeguard yourself from unforeseen troubles with the best travel insurance plans. Compare and select from a wide range of travel plans online at Kenbright, as we facilitate you to compare travel insurance plans in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Buying travel insurance made simple like never before. Choose one of the best travel plans offered by topmost insurance companies nationwide, you can make your travel hassle-free and more secure.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is kind of an insurance policy that covers a policyholder for certain incidents, such as loss of Flight, delay or cancellation, trip cancellation, checked baggage loss, loss of passport, including any emergency that may occur while traveling to a foreign country.

It is recommended that travel insurance should be purchased at the time of trip booking so that the coverage for the whole trip can be availed - be it a single or multi-trip policy. These policies cover the increasingly high medical expenses, typically in a foreign land.

Coverage under Travel Insurance

  • Medical Expenses abroad
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Lost Baggage Claim

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