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At Kenbright, we not only help our clients remain compliant but we also ensure they stay ahead of the regulations and the competition by employing business and regulatory strategies that are robust and also advise policy makers on appropriate regulation and legislation of the financial sector.



Term cover is the most common form of life insurance and provides a lump sum payout if you die in the course of the policy.

There are so many factors that go into how much homeowners insurance you should have. In an effort to not get too technical on you I would say that as long as your policy in written and insured at Replacement Cost you are doing well.

That doesn’t mean you have the absolutely correct amount but you are in the ball park.we offer insurance appropriate for your home.

Workers Compensation insurance was created in order to protect both workers and business owners. If a worker gets hurt the workers compensation coverage provides for medical expense and in exchange the employee gives up the right to sue his/her employer.

However, there are cases where the employee can still sue the employer and in the event that the employee does sue Employer Liability provides coverage to business against the employee.

Key person life insurance is a unique form of life insurance that protects the business from a loss of revenue following the passing of an employee.

This may sound morbid but the loss of a keystone employee can have a devastating effect on a business.


The difference between an agent and broker is that the former acts on behalf of the insurer and the latter on behalf of the insured. Registration requirements, operations and duty of care are also different.

An insurance broker is a professional and independent advisor knowledgeable in risk management and insurance services.

A Broker is your insurance advisor, with professional qualifications and experience in insurance matters. A broker has also bargaining powers and therefore as a customer you or your firm is ensured of quality services at competitive cost